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Chinese riddles


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I have some relatively easy ones laying around here somewhere, let me go find them...

Don't you hate it when you go to get something that you know RIGHT where it is and then 竟然 it's not there and now you have no clue where to look because it shouldn't be anywhere else...

And then it turns out to be under a book next to your computer....














If you figure it out you can post the answers here...

(disclaimer: about half of these were taken from Chinese Pod Advanced but they are still readily accessible on the internet and are more public access...also there may be several different versions of the one saying- one or two characters are different/missing, added something, etc.)

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一口咬掉牛的尾巴 = 告 = gao = to tell

第二次见面 = 观 = guan = to view

座中无人 = 庄 = zhuang = a Chinese last name; a villa?

值钱不值钱全在这两点 = 金 = jin = gold; golden

消灭蚊虫 = 文 = wen = literature, written language

你没有他有,天没有地有 = 也 = ye = also

一箭穿心 = 必 = bi = must

点点成金 = 全 = chuan = whole

一只狗,两个口,谁遇它,谁发愁 = 哭 = ku = to cry

不知其二 = 共 = to be together

东洋兵 = 晖, hui = sunlight [Explanation: "东洋" = dongyang = Chinese nickname for Japan. 日本 [Japan] is abbreviated as 日 in Chinese; 兵, bing = a soldier = a part of 军, jun, an army: add 东洋 to 兵 = add 日 to 军]

拿不出手 = 合

公而忘私 = 八 [caring about public matters, 公 but forgetting about private matters, 私: ancient form = 厶 = 公 minus 厶]

Q: The National Day (Taiwan). Guess a Character.

A: 廿 , niàn [Taiwan's National Day is on October 10, which is the tenth day of the tenth month: add the two tens from the month and day in Chinese = 卄, in ancient Chinese or 廿 in modern Chinese, meaning "twenty"]

字谜 or 谜语 wouldn't give you much to find, but 灯谜 will give you more hits or 燈謎 would give you more hits than anything because 燈謎 are mostly used in Traditional Chinese by people from Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas Chinese. Due to Traditional Chinese having more strokes, it makes it more challenging, and not so easily guessable.

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