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Motorcycle License

Prodigal Son

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anyone have one? I'm looking at getting one and don't know much about the process at all. I already have a 250cc dual sport dirtbike that I'm trying to get plates for in addition to getting the license. I have an American motorcycle license already, if that helps.

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According to these you need a type E license which is specifically for motorcycles. And you have to take a test. It may be slightly different for foreigners but you will still test.

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From what I have been told you have to get an actual driver's license meaning you have to take the written test. And no I don't think your american one will help.

In the case of getting a driver's license, having a valid (unexpired) foreign license means you don't have to go to driving school and take a road test. You just take a written test.

I don't know what the specific rules are regarding getting a motorcycle license. I even heard that they've stopped issuing these in Beijing, not sure about the situation where the OP is.

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something nanjing specific and no doubt applies elsewhere but not everywhere

- buying a motorbike is not expensive, a license..... i dont know about this, staying out of it, but to register it..... ouch. In nanjing i'm told (and yes heresay but from everyone) that its around 20,000 RMB to register those elec scooters and motorbikes - its a cash cow for the cops and government built on the back of environmental laws. Sorry, should add its if you want to be doozing around the city centre.

Come go home time you always see cops on corners being yelled at by guys or girls as they calmly pack another scooter or motorbike on to the back of the paddy van, meanwhile there's literally hundreds and thousands more scooters and mbikes whizzing by because of course no one pays this fee. Its poetic, kind of like watching a zen bear dip his paw into a river of salmon fighting upstream.

As a foreigner i dont know whether you'd be targeted more by these random checks or less - i'd bank on the former.

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Thanks everyone for the help. I'm still finding out the exact details. When I go into the local office and find out for myself I'll post the results.

are you sure you'll survive in china as a motorcyclist?

I'm not an english teacher, this bike isn't for commuting. It's only for recreation. Mostly riding off road or inside the city at night when the streets aren't busy. I can ride safely in the city during the day but it's too stressful, I'd rather take a taxi.

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