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Would you be interested in a telephone interpretation service


Would you use telephone interpretation service if it was available in China?  

  1. 1. Would you use telephone interpretation service if it was available in China?

    • Yes I think it is great idea and I would probably use the service.
    • No, I wouldn’t use it but I know people who probably would use it.
    • No I wouldn’t use it, I have Chinese friends and phrasebooks to help me.
    • No I wouldn’t use it, I have major mandarin skills and so wouldn’t need it.
    • No I wouldn’t use it, I have “get by” Chinese and body language to communicate with.
    • No I wouldn’t use it, It sounds good but it costs money. I need to count my pennies.

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When I look at the PSB posted bulletins on the metro here reminding the public to be careful of pick-pockets and thieves, I know for certain that most police just aren't going to buy into your service. The English is atrocious (literally to the point of incomprehensability) and it isn't like the department has a lack of resources either; they just don't care. If you're trying to set up B2B deals with these entities, know that you're getting yourself into a big bag of red-tape. Who are you going to go sell to? That person probably can't make the decision even if they're interested. Who do you climb up to? Suddenly, the entire regional or national organization is involved and they're not going to give you the time of day unless you "invest" in the right contacts. You have a better chance going for smaller private companies than tackling large basic services like police, post, or hospitals.

B2B business is about less transactions with more value per transaction. If I'm understanding your idea correctly, you'd be offering essentially translation services to businesses, which isn't a new concept. More importantly, they'd probably rather invest in 2000 RMB a month to hire some kid out of college who passed the CET-6 to handle those "English situations" than arrange any contractual agreement with you. (God knows that's what the Shanghai PSB did). You'd be too good and too expensive and while they won't argue that its good to have good English, they just don't really see the need.

B2C is about volume. The benefits of your service are more apparent because you'd be communicating them to the people who actually need them. I think gougou's objection is a problem that can be evaluated and tackled more clearly than the B2B problems.

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There is already a huge American company which does this internationally. My wife sometimes does stuff for them. I can' t remember the name but when I track her down I'll ask.

Found her. The company is LLE.

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