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Middle Chinese Rimes (Tang 唐 /Song 宋 era) and Historical Chinese Phonology?

Xi'Er Dun

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Does anyone know of a source (online) that gives information of Middle Chinese Rimes (Rhymes?) from the Tang 唐 and Song 宋 eras? I am looking from detailed rime tables, rime dictionaries and rime books that give information on (assumed) Middle Chinese pronounciation and phonology, they must be online and free to view. However, I really want ones that use an proper transcription system like the Karlgren System for example. Better yet, if one that uses the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is available, that would be great.

I have noticed in some books on Chinese Linguistics, they refer to Tang and Song era Chinese as "Ancient Chinese" and that just centuries after as "Medieval Chinese".

An example of transcription of assumed Middle Chinese readings of Hanzi 漢字, as I have seen before.

爾 Classical Chinese You, Thou Modern Mandarin: [ěr - (IPA font not viewable in this post)] , Middle Chinese [ńźi -(IPA font not viewable in this post)] , Japanese ONyomi 音讀み [ニ ni], Vietnamese Quốc Ngữ Việt Hán [ nhĩ ] -- sorry if you computer can't see the Vietnamese.

日 Classical Chinese Sun, Day Modern Mandarin: [rì - (IPA font not viewable in this post)] , Middle Chinese [ńźit - (IPA font not viewable in this post)] , Japanese ONyomi 音讀み [ニチ nichi] , Vietnamese Quốc Ngữ Việt Hán [ nhật ].

熱 Hot Modern Mandarin [rè - (IPA font not viewable in this post)] , Middle Chinese [ńźiet] , Japanese ONyomi 音讀み [ネツ netsu]

By the way, sorry the system I used in this post to transcribe Middle Chinese is not an official one, and unfortunately I am not sure of the Middle Chinese tones.

It is unfortunate that you can't input an IPA font, but I have seen it done before, how?

Well that's all for now, I hope someone can put (link) me through to some good sources for Middle Chinese Rimes and Historical Chinese Phonology.


Xi'Er Dun 希爾頓 from Australia 澳洲

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I am also interested in this. From the pronouciations you put in and what I could make out from them, they sounded a bit like my hometown (Zhejiang) pronounciations of those words. Recently, I also got a few books about this. I think I will dig around the web and see if I can find something. I will post them if I find something.

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