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How Many Languages Do You Speak


How Many Languages Do You Speak?  

  1. 1. How Many Languages Do You Speak?

    • I'm Lazy- 1
    • I Watch a Lot of Foreign Films- 2
    • I Like to Travel- 3
    • I Naturally Pick Up Languages- 4
    • I'm a Bit of a Studyholic- 5
    • I Was Bored- 6
    • I'm a psychotic linguist- 7+

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This is kind of a off shoot from this thread....

I like numbers so I thought that it would be interesting to do an actual poll of how many we all speak. By how many, I am looking not for fluent but for conversational. Meaning if you think you could live in a place with that language and get by ONLY using that language. So it is still pretty broad but this will hopefully go past the "studied xxx in highschool for 2 years and remember a couple phrases" type of thing. Oh and your mother tongue does count! So I assume many of us will have at least 2 but there may be a few with still only one.

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I wasn't allowed to vote in the poll. I'm assuming because this is only my second post and I'm not though the probabtionary phase yet.

I have been studying Korean for about 2 years in Seoul. I'll be looking to increase my number of languages to 3 after I move to China next year.

edit: I misread the OP and thought it said mother tongues don't count. I should have voted 2.

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