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Narrative Story Ideas


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I'm currently racking my brain trying to come up with an idea for a narrative i have to write for a chinese assignment. if you're bored then how about some ideas? it could be on anything. but the teacher wants something along the lines of a story about a single character then a surprise at the end like descriptions of your mother being terrible to you then you realising she did what she did because she loved you. of course something more unique and imo less crap than that but along those lines would be better.

i used to be okay at these sorts of things but have been studying engineering for so long now that i've become less 'arts' orientated...

im going to cheat and ask for ideas. it needs to be about 1000 words. simple ideas is all i need. its not due for a while so im just thinking at the moment...

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1000 words in Chinese??Isn't it?

Do you like watching film?There is many plot you can use for reference.

Like Chinese film<不能说的秘密> and American TV Show ...

You can use your imagination make the story more spectacular and the character more lively.You know,Not only the character is your mom or people who you know well,but also can be a person you created.I speak Chinese,My English is not very well,some times I don't know how to describe the things well,please never mind.:roll:

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college admissions.. yeah thats a good idea. ill think about that. he can be from a real poor family too to make things more interesting.

and ill start thinking of some tv shows i could copy too melonqq. also, im happy your first post on these forums was a reply to me!

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well, in the end i wrote about some kid in his last year of school who always studied hard but had a love of football. his parents wanted him to focus more on study so he had to give up a lot but in the end they still wanted him to quit the football and even hid an offer from a local club that came for him. he commits suicide in the end :) morbid i know but the teacher did ask for a shock at the end. maybe its even a bit cliche. will post the story once i get my marks back. (not before or my teacher will accuse me of cheating..)

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What if she doesn't think to check until after grading it?

Do you think that any teacher would actually care that much? :roll:

The only that could happen is whilst reading, the marker finds that some particular sentence or chunk of text just seems too good to be written by the person who wrote the essay, so then she would type that phrase into google/baidu/etc. I highly doubt that anyone would care to think about their students' essays once they have been returned.

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Too bad I saw this thread too late cuz I got lots of weird ideas for this kind of things.

No problem. Just start another thread and ask people to contribute a sentence or so in Chinese to a story about whatever.

... Or contribute in English for others to translate to Chinese.

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