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Is just showing up and finding a short-term rental in Kunming feasible?


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I lived in China teaching English for a year. I’ve also traveled in China for a 2-month stint. But now, I want to go back to china to focus on my Mandarin. I’ve been going to chinesepod.com and it's great. But I’m ready for someone to speak to. It seems like a lot of language schools charge overhead costs and offer things like airport pickup that I’m not interested in. So what I want is to get my 3 month tourist visa, go to Kunming (or some other not gigantic Chinese city), rent an apartment for 3 months, find a tutor and pay them directly to be my teacher. I thought I could offer 30-50 rmb/hr for a good tutor who would teach primarily in Chinese. (I am not paying them to work on their English). What do you think of that price?

Is it unreasonable to think that with elementary Chinese skills and some knowledge of the country I could show up and arrange this? I have cruised hometel.cn and craigslist looking for rentals, but there are not many rentals listed outside of Beijing / Shanghai / Hong Kong. The few listed for Kunming seem too fancy/ expensive for what I need. I’m looking for an apartment with a kitchen, bathroom (squatter is okay), bedroom and minimal bugs. I’m not opposed to sharing with another English or Mandarin speaker but don't necessarily want a home stay. I’m looking to pay between 500-1000 RMB/month for the apartment.

I suppose I should also add that if you are a Chinese tutor or have an apartment or room for rent, you can pm me.



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Shouldn't be too much of a problem - that's exactly what I did when I had a 3 month stint in Kunming. Turned up, stayed in a hotel for a week, found an apartment through an estate agent on the street, rent was 1500 a month but it was a fantastic apartment and I shared it with a mate (750 each). Signed up at university for classes, and also took some private lessons as well. Can't remember the price but it wasn't expensive - maybe 30 an hour.

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I met a guy studying in Kunming for 3 months... He just negotiated a deal with a hostel to stay there for that long. I'd probably look into an apartment first but failing that, a longer deal deal at a hostel type place (serves food, has pool table, TV, chinese and foreign tourists) could also be an option.

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