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ZDT: 070RC6 export to writing "show pinyin" fails


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I have a strange error that occurs every time I try exporting to writing, with the "Show pinyin" box checked. Any other permutation of exporting to writing seems to work just fine. I don't think this error is unique to R6; it has persisted for a while. I guess I thought it was just me or would get fixed on its own. Unfortunately, I don't remember the last working version. This is obviously not a serious error (and it's probably healthier for me to write the pinyin on my own), but it used to work.

Before posting this, I uninstalled all previous zdt versions and did a fresh, full install of R6. I am running under WinXP with Java 1.6.0_02-b06 (if that makes any difference).

I don't have access to some way to post images, but this is the error message:

Problem Occurred
Exporting... (Time of error: November 2, 2007 11:54:58 AM EDT)
The document has no pages.
An internal error occurred during: "Exporting...".
The document has no pages.

This is the log entry:

10:54:45 - Exporting to C:Documents and Settingse11747Basic.pdf
10:54:50 - Error exporting entries in writing sheet format
java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 1, Size: 0
at java.util.ArrayList.add(ArrayList.java:369)
at net.sourceforge.zdt.core.util.ParserUtils.splitPinyin(ParserUtils.java:293)
at net.sourceforge.zdt.core.util.ParserUtils.addToneMarks(ParserUtils.java:394)
at net.sourceforge.zdt.flashcard.formats.WritingSheetFormat.exportEntries(WritingSheetFormat.java:131)
at net.sourceforge.zdt.flashcard.views.CategoryViewController.exportToFile(CategoryViewController.java:86)
at net.sourceforge.zdt.flashcard.views.CategoryView$18.run(CategoryView.java:763)
at org.eclipse.core.internal.jobs.Worker.run(Worker.java:55)

Thank you for the great program!

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