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jiang hu 江湖


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A stylish new movie, featuring the inescapable Andy Lau (劉德華) and Canto pop star Jacky Cheung (張學友). I think it is quite good.

From http://www.jianghu.com.hk -




BTW, both this and another recent movie "20 30 40" use "把悲傷留給自己" as theme song. It is a good song, very sad (particularly the version sung by 陳昇) -> http://list.mp3.baidu.com/topso/3/303_tsomp3.htm

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I guess you are not a girl as you indicated since not too many female are interested in the triad movies. :roll:

I heard that in this movie they even have a scene of implied animal sex. I wonder how would they expect it not to be banned in Mainland?

I have got fed up with this kind of triad movie a long time ago ("Infernal Affairs" is the exception but the sequels are cop/triad movies actually).

Can those script writers in HK have any better ideas?

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That is an IMPLIED scene, you don't get to see it on screen. I think the movie makers consider it a necessary humiliation to turn a very weak character into a brutal killer. I think the storytelling of this movie is interesting.

As to the Mainland audience, they can always buy the VCD/DVD (release scheduled for September).

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