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Treo 680 - Pinyin Search of Contacts?


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Is it possible, given that I have CJKOS installed, to do a pinyin search of my contacts? While I'm aware that I could just enter the pinyin for their names (e.g. Zhang Yu instead of 张玉), I do quite like having the characters there. I'm sure this is an issue for a number of people, so does anyone have a solution? I'll cross-post this to some other forums (Pleco, MyTreo.net, etc), see if I get anything...

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Yes. 中文伴侣 will allow you search contacts on the Palm by pinyin.


Treo中文伴侣 (Chinesemate) for searching contacts by pinyin. The builtin contact only can search alphabetically.

Also try 掌易 for a better pinyin input method.


"掌易"中文输入平台 (Chinese IME, supports pinyin as well as Shuangpin)

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Awesome! I'll give those a shot, see if they do what I want. I'm not fussed about the IME however. I find CJKOS to be fine for what I need at the moment, as I'm not at a very advanced level. :). In what way is it better, exactly? CJKOS supports Shuangpin as well. Or at least, it seems to :).

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Ok, it looks cool, but with it only seeming to support a Chinese Interface, I'm going to wait for my girlfriend to get home before trying to make it work.

EDIT: Ok, it works. Can I have both Pinyin and normal search though? I have some of each...

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Here is a quick look at what is there (I just downloaded it and played with it)

First screen 随手phone

This option basically allows you from any menu including your phone to start typing and then make calls from that. I find it annoying personally especially as I try to use the drop down menus because it just pulls that phone thing up. The first check box on that screen turns it on and the second one stops it from automatically working in the phone app. I turned it off in the phone app.

Second screen is another input thing 输入易 but haven't figured it out yet...

The last one is the one you want for the searching 通讯录检索

Turn it on in the check box

and then under that you can choose to search by 姓 or 名字

That is the basics of it and hopefully it gets you started. I personally don't think the rest is necessary for what I need.

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I think I've got it basically working. It doesn't work with Ultimatephone, which is kinda annoying... But barring that, it's not too bad. Need to have a play around when my girlfriend gets home. But yeah. Also, which file did you guys download? I picked 附件: [2007.03.30] 中文伴侣0330.rar (2007-4-1 10:34, 94.34 K) 该附件被下载次数 1422. Whether that was the best or not is a different question :).

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