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Summer Language Programs in Universities in Yunnan


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don't know about the universities, but there are several private schools that have

year-round schedules. i've heard oxbridge (run by science and tech college) has a

summer camp.

if you're short term on a tourist visa over the summer, you can probably find a uni

teacher for tuturing.

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(sorry to double post, however this needs to be heard for anyone thinking of the SLC.)

My Gf and I have just moved from Lijiang, telling Jane Bai that it wasn't going to work.

Our "shared apartmenent" was actually a hotel room in the suburbs, she ignored our requests for somewhere more self-sustaining, so we moved ourself in to a hostel in the old town (one next to the one she advertises herself).

She "assessed" our level, which basically meant she highlighted how little Han Zi we knew, and even though we've studied for a year in a school in England, and put in Hundreds of hours of our own time, she still put us on textbook one "nin Gui Xing". After refusing to read after her the fourth time, we had a rather heated argument. Where she shouted AT me, and refused to acknowledge either our level or what we wanted. It ended with me walking out.

After I left, she told Tracey, my GF about how she's seen people who think they know it all before, but they know nothing. She did her best to try and put us both down and this was in the first hour. We left that day, and didn't go back.

Inflexible with an obsolete style of teaching is the best of describing her teaching style. We moved to Kunming, to keats school.

The teacher took us out, on the street, in the supermarket and to temples, and slowly and clearly spoke chinese until she understood what level we were at. She sat us down and determined EXACTLY what we want out of the course, and explained how she could do it (very, very well indeed).

In short, I would NEVER recommend Shangri-La, to put it not so intelligently, that woman can't teach!! She NEEDS her text book, which you could buy and learn yourself. If you need a real grasp of the language so elsewhere.

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