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Can anyone please identify these songs?


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As stated in the title of this thread, I'm trying to find out which band made these songs (I believe these songs are all by the same artist).












Whoah, a LOT of songs. The "artist name" in Winamp comes out as garbage (weird ascii symbols), and not in the appropriate Chinese characters. Maybe it'd help me more if someone pointed me in the direction of a Chinese winamp or something similar (and free).

Thank you all so much!

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The characters come up fine for me on Chinese XP - 伍佰, or Wu Bai

I didn't check all of the songs, just the first and last and they were both the same artist. Very fast downloads, incidentally.

Hope this helps


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you need to change your regional and language settings in XP...there is no problem to read chinese text in winamp when you do that. i know there is a post somewhere on this forum with regard to the question of how to set up chinese support in english XP, but i am too lazy to look for it right now.

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Ahah! Too late, I already downloaded the newest Winamp and got the Chinese text working. Thank you all the same.

Personally I prefer simplified chinese. I can only recognise a few traditional characters because of that wacky simplified/traditional mix we get out here in California. :)

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There is a language pack there for simplified Chinese... but I haven't tested it, so I'm not sure whether it is just to bring up the menus in simplified Chinese or whether you can display track names as well.

I'm guessing it's just for menus.

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