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HSK Basic - Questions


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Hi Folks,

I am studying for the HSK Basic exam. Some questions on the Tingli section

1. Do the questions (the content being read by the folks) appear on the answer sheet (not the marking sheet) along with the A/B/C/D options?

2. The sample tests have the questions in random order within a section. In the exam are the questions in random order or do they appear in order (say from 1 to 15)?

3. Any recommendations on how to improve in the 3rd part of the Tingli section(where the man and woman have a small conversation and we need to answer questions). I have trouble with the longer passages where we need to answer 3-4 questions based on 1 listening. I have trouble remembering all the details.

I would also appreciate any other recommendations on the grammar and listening comprehension section.



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Hi Maina,

The HSK basic listening part does not have neither the test questions nor the questions for the text in writing. Only the answers appear in writing.

The answers are ordered though perhaps I dont quite understand your question.

The final part of the basic test can be improved through jotting down notes with a pencil. however this presuposes you can continue to listen whilst scribbling. Bear in mind the last part may correspond to the higher level marks of the HSK basic which has three possible grades. You are probably aiming for the lowest or the middle level. How long have you been studying Chinese for averaging 2-4 hours a day?

Scoobyqueen wrx sti

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For the grammar section you need to find the patter for past papers, usually it is testing syntax( time, location etc) or things like:



For the final part the reading section, you just need to read lots of sample papers at speed, test yourself against time because the key here is really reading fast.

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