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Spaying Animals


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Two questions: first what is the word for spay? I know 阉割 means to castrate but one of my teacher's said you can only say that for 公的 but didn't know the opposite, I have also found 取掉卵巢 (remove the ovaries) but that isn't very "scientific" so.... anyone know?

Second, has anyone ever done this in not so large cities. I know it is easy to do in Chengdu, Sichuan, so that to means Beijing, Shanghai, etc large cities are no problem but I don't live in a large city so does anyone have experience with doing it in a smaller city.

Oh, and I'll tag on a third question: I have gotten different responses for the word veterinary hospital as one person said that 兽医院 is only for large animals (ie horses) so what would you call it?

Oh and I have cats by the way...

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In a civilised way we say 做絕育手術 or simply 做手術. Like 我(會)帶我的貓去做絕育手術, 我的貓做了絕育手術.

Here 閹 applies to both sexes. I would call a vet clinic a 獸醫診所.

Thanks, Tommi, for mentioning the word 騸. I didn't know this word but I had heard it used as in 騸雞.

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Awesome! Thanks guys for the input (I don't always trust what my friends and teacher's tell me about certain words since they have never actually had that experience). Now all I need is to see if anyone has done this in a smaller city....

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Getting ready to go do it and I just have one more language question before I do....

What would the hood thing be called? I know a person that had their cat spayed and they didn't do the hood and in the end I think the had to put the 半死不活 thing down. Would prefer to avoid that...

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What?? It's not a satellite??? And here I thought I was going to improve my TV reception *&%^! Oh well.

No that is what I was looking for thanks a ton! (in the states the vets give it...I'm not going to have to order one am I???) I'm gonna to call the vet and ask that question but just curious if anyone has had experience with it.

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Well I just had it done so I thought I would give an update...

They did call it 节育手术 and it cost me 240 for two cats and took them about 2 hours to do it all. They seem fine but of course are in some pain and they HATE the hoods and they are trying to move all around to get the things off so I have to keep an eye on them constantly....

For the next two days I have to take them back to get stuff spread on the wound and in one week they can remove the stitches.

My only *concern is that the stitches don't look like stitches in my mind...looks like a big thread and also looks like I can sew better than that. Now I just hope they heal really quick!

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