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Barber Shop -- Shanghai style


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Though I haven’t frequented Shanghai style barber shops for decades, I am still very nostalgic about it.

First, there is the three-color swirling electrical lantern hanging outside these barber shops while hair salon doesn’t have, does any poster know what it stands for?

Right after you are greeted warmly into the air-conditioned barber shop with Shanghaiese-accented Cantonese (reminds me of Sushi eatery), you are showed with a box of four different brands of cigarettes while you are waiting on the seat. Though I didn’t smoke, I appreciated their courtesy.

The features I am really nostalgic:

(1) Ear pick (now banned for hygienic reason):

The barber carefully picks all ear wax which is really refreshing;

(2) Shaving (now I dare not try owing to AIDS):

He shaves every part of your face including the hair on the eyelids and ears;

(3) Trimming nostril hair (now I dare not try owing to SARS):

After the haircutting is over, the barber used a slim pointed scissor to trim your nostril hair.

(4) Massage:

The best part is after the haircut, the barber will massage both sides of your shoulder which makes you feel completely relieved;

(5) Hot towel:

Hot towels with Dittol smell are served after haircutting and hair blowing.

Of course, there are some parts I hate. The hairblowing guy always put Brylcreem (the only place where you can find dudes still using Brylcreem) without asking you first and blows everyone’s hair like that of Hu Jintao!

But anyhow, the one hour service is still just a fraction of what it costs you in the fancy hair salon!

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(1) Ear pick (now banned for hygienic reason):

The barber carefully picks all ear wax which is really refreshing;

Really? I still get mine done (occasionally) when I still went to saunas in Hong Kong. (I don't go now because i don't live there anymore)

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Which sauna did you go? I really miss the ear picking.

Many sauna have the nail trimming service. Some hire young girls to do the work while the others hire the Shanghai masters.

The skill of the former can hardly be compared with the latter.

I also miss the Shanghai style Public Bath (the last one closed about 10 years ago in HK).

The rub-back Shanghai Master could rub ounces of dead skin from your back with a heavy big wet towel.

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Public baths still exist in Shanghai. I've never been to one though, but they certainly aren't banned. Some are kind of shady and others are just traditional old neighborhood public baths with a lot of culture.

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Sunny Paradise in Wanchai and the one in North Point which I can't remember the name of right now. BUt it's very famous, and it's a "veggie" sauna - meaning no sex. (None in Sunny Paradise either

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