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QQ registration help please


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many thanks to all them that tryed to help, have it now.

Now another lame question. Each time i try to add some one to my friends list, it says adding and then says unable to reach server. Their names always show online but as (NA)

am i doing something wrong? Or all these people do not wish to chat to new members?

Seems like alot to be always server not responding when im actualy online.

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Is there any reason to even use the official QQ client? There's something called LumaQQ which is free open-source (java). I don't really use QQ but if I were going to I'd probably start with LumaQQ and only switch to the official client if I were lacking some feature I needed.

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Is there any reason to even use the official QQ client?

Sure,there is.Tencent Co. more often than not uses some tricks[change some minor protocols] to prevent users from unofficial clients ,such as LumaQQ, EVA, Pidgin, etc.When it happens, you have to wait for the updated version or you have to pach&recomplie it yourself.

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As an aside:

To Chinese reading future QQ hopefuls,

Try just using Tencent Messenger, instead of the regular full QQ program. It's a leaner version and will still allow you to chat with your friends on QQ. You don't need to worry about all of the other features. I still don't know if there's any unwanted spy/mal ware embedded in QQ. But I'm sure that it's taking more resources that it really needs to.

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TM 2008 Preview indeed works smoothly. I do recommend it over QQ for the following reasons:

- It's from the same company as QQ: Tencent in Shenzhen. In fact, it does exactly the same thing, but better.

- It has no longer any annoying ad pop-ups.

- It is multilingual and based on UniCode, which means no more need for changing OS languages nor using AppLocale.

- You can now unblock your account from within the application. Even better: it no longer shows Chinese characters as a security code!

And it was about time!!! :mrgreen:

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MacTac I was running into some problems with the English version of QQ, since most people you will talk to will be using updated Chinese qq they may try to use some features that are not available on the English version. Now that you have your QQ number established I would suggest you move over to the Chinese version.

On another note I have not seen any spyware or malware in QQ so far. Not that I was expecting any.....

Also while we are on the subject of QQ, how is everyones QQspace, I found that from the united states I often have problems connecting to QQspace, no matter what computer I'm using or what time of the day I have frequent problems(connection timing out), so do most of my friends in the states. Anyone have ideas/suggestions?

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A Chinese (girl) friend is urging me to install QQ so we can chat in Chinese. My Hanzi skills are not very good and I've never used "live messenger" chat-ware in any language. When I exchange e-mails with Chinese friends I have time to look up words I don't know before sending a reply. Not sure I really want “instant messaging” since I’m kind of a slow, old-fashioned guy.

I'm also concerned that installing QQ will open the door to adware, spyware, and malware thus jamming up my computer. Some of the older posts I've read here indicate that it may be difficult or impossible to uninstall if I find I don't like it. I wonder whether that’s still an issue at this time.

Any thoughts on pro's and con's before I take the plunge? Are most of you "Old China Hands" happy with it, or do lots of you wish you had never given it a home on your computers? Informed opinions appreciated.

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