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English - Hakka Dictionaries


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I'm interested in buying some English to Hakka Dictionaries. I've been looking out line for some-but I don't know where to look.

I saw these books listed:

An English-Chinese Dictionary in the Vernacular of the Hakka MacIver, D.

Chinese-English Dictionary-Hakka dialect(as spoken in Kwangtung province) = 客英大辭典 1st ed., 1962, Reprint ed. 1969 MacIver, D.

A Chinese-English detectionary, Hakka dialect as spoken in kwangtung province Maclver, Donald

English-Hakka Dictionary = 英客字典 Margar (滿司謙等編) Margar

A Chinese-English dictionary: Hakka dialect as spoken in Kwan-tung Province, Rev. ed. McIver, D.

Dictionnaire Chinois-Francais Dialect Hakka. Rey, Ch.

I went elsewhere, and at another site, they said you can buy Hakka dictionaries here:


They said there's a Hakka section-but I don't know how to access it.

Can someone please tell me where I can purchase these books?

Does anyone know of any others?

Please let me know.

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