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charity shop/ salvation army-esque options


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I'm about to go back home and, due to the incredibly stingy baggage allowance offered by Emirates, am looking to ditch some stuff here. This includes some clothes which I have grown far too fat for after 6 months in China. :mrgreen:

In the UK I would drop this off at the Salvation army bin or take it to a charity shop. It's probably really obvious but is there anywhere equivalent here in Beijing? Don't want to chuck them in the bin as it will make my carbon footprint even worse.


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On a Beijing campus, the folk who had the contract to collect the rubbish would sort through it and recycle everything. The day after Christmas last, I saw them trying on Santa hats and capes that had been discarded by the foreign teachers. I think everything is recycled fairly effectively. Paper, glass, styrofoam, cloth. Just wrap up your clothes in clear plastic and put them beside the rubbish shoot or bins. If someone can't point you to a Salvation Army store.... That's the easiest way.

We should start a thread on "What is the most weight you have put on in China"!

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Emirates has one of the best luggage allowances, I'm surprised they're being stingy with you. I've seen second hand clothes shops around Gulou Dongdajie just before Nanluoguxiang.

Where are you living? Apartment? In a dorm? You could put the clothes in a clean bag and put them out by the rubbish, I've seen a lot of people go through the rubbish looking for salvageable and sellable items.

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There aren't really any charity shops here where you can drop off unwanted goods to be sold / parceled out. I did a bit of research when I had stuff to get rid of, and came up with one or two places that would send them off to flood-hit villages and the like, but in the end I just did what is recommended above - stick them in a bag and put them by the bin. Your clothes might not go to the most needy but they're unlikely to end up in a landfill either.

While I'm not completely sure I suspect the shops around Nanluoguxiang are more 'vintage' than 'second-hand', and I'm not sure how kindly they'd take to a bag-full of random unwanted clothes. I could be wrong though.

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