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"Multiple posts" by gougou


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I noticed you posted three times in the racism post, then went back and edited out the last post. Can you in the future please put some more time into thinking about your posts, and how people will perceive them? You are confusing a lot of people on these forums by constantly altering posts or bringing up topics completely unrelated to the original posts.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!



No comment.

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Irresponsible brat...
So that's what you wrote originally? In that case it's good that you edited it out - but wouldn't it have been better not to post it in the first place?

If you let me know what your aim is for this thread (preferably by PM, as that's where discussion on forums policy should go), I will try my best to help you. However, I thought that I had made my point sufficiently in the message you quoted, as well as in those preceding it.

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Thought police :clap

Myriam, a number of your posts are hard to understand and seem to bear no relevance to the topics they are placed in. You also have a habit of deleting posts after you've made them, which is not helpful. Gougou is attempting, with a lot more patience than I would have shown, to help you.

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