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Questions on Tsinghua University/BLCU for 1 year


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Hi everyone,

I am thinking about going to Beijing either in Sep 2008 (fall semester) or Feb 2009 (Spring semester) & study intensive Chinese Mandarin for one year (two semesters).

I already have been through a few discussion threads, especially the ones that relate to Tsinghua University and BLCU (these ones are so far the ones I am interested in).

Last day, having opened a book related to HSK test level 3, I felt I could do it. I only had a look at the written part.

I know it is quite difficult to compare them as it might be difficult to find out someone who attended both, so thank you in advance for the people who will respond for either TU or BCLU :-)

- Which class should roughly I catch up?

- Based on your own experience, which level can I expect if I work reasonably seriously on it? Approximately which HSK level?

- Is it strict in terms of attendance, homework, exams? I am looking for something quite intense (sh)

- What the average age/population of the students? What is the proportion of Japanese/Korean people?

- Can we study Japanese in the University as a minor?

Thanks a lot!


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i will be going to tsinghua uni this coming spring semester.

dont know it yet to be exact but the facility is new.

in terms of korean pop..wudaokou IS KOREA TOWN. i'd go as far as to say its over 80% koreans in this part. heck almost all of the people in hua qing jia yuan(apartment buildings in downtown wudaokou) are filled with koreans.

BLCU majority of students are koreans.

i switched to tsinghua because quite frankly BLCU was too much of a money making machine rather than actualy learning. i wont get into details(and i cant fully compared yet since i havent fully experienced the tsinghua system, except registration part), but blcu was all about the money. you can pm me if you like nad i can get into details.

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i have the same problem tsinghua or blcu? ive heard good/bad things about both schools:

tsinghua: not so good teaching wise, repetitive, good dorms, advance dorm reservation, far from center of campus

BLCU: lots of foreigners, too money-oriented, party place, difficulty emailing foreign students affairs office


what do you guys think is a better school?

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