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Questions about Shanghai Uni's


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I've decided to move to Shanghai next semester for a change of scenery (I'm at Yunnan Normal in Kunming right now) Trying to decide which Uni to attend. I think I've pretty much narrowed it down to ECNU, Jiaotong or Shanghai University. Most important considerations are convenient location and environment, since I'm pretty certain university language programs are more or less the same the country over. I haven't been to Shanghai so I could use some help deciding on location...also, are SISU and Donghua conveniently located?

Does anyone know if any of these has a gym on campus open to students? Or of any gyms nearby? That's also a prime consideration.

I've been checking out apartment prices as well and they seem about equally as expensive as living in the dorms (unlike here in kunming where its drastically cheaper to live off campus) and since I'm only staying for one semester I'm thinking it may be better to just live in the dorms. anyone have experience (negative or positive) in the dorms of the above mentioned Uni's?

any other reccommendations greatly appreciated!



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I'm currently on the language program at ECNU. I live off campus and have not seen the dorms, however many of my friends live on campus. Views about the dorms are mixed, but no-one seems particularly disappointed with them.

You can certainly get a better deal for the same money by living off campus - but whether it's worth the hassle for a single semester I'm not so sure.

The language program at ECNU as at the Zhongshan Park campus, this is to the west of the city but is still fairly central. I've not been to Jiaotong, but I hear the language program is at their Xujiahui campus which is one of the biggest shopping/commercial areas in the city.

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I have studied in ECNU for 5 years and tutored Mandarin for 2 months at Donghua Uni. ECNU is located in the west of the city. Many buses get past there. It's close to No. 2, No.3, and No.4 subway Lines. It has a gym located in the middle of the campus. ECNU's capmus is quite beautiful, I think. It has two rivers, a lot of trees and some small well designed gardens. Donghua Uni is also in the west of the city. Both are on the same road. It's about 3 bus stops between the two unis.

Jiatong Uni is right in one of the busiest and commercial centres of the city, which is called Xujiahui(徐家汇)or Xuhui(徐汇) This area is always very crowed and busy. A few subways and many buses get past there. The transport here is a bit more convenient than the other two unis. But the public transport in the other two unis is quite good too.

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