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I'm hoping to join a full time, English taught MBA program. I'm keen to choose one in China, but it's important that it will still have a good international reputation. I'm likely to seek employment within China or in a China related capacity, but I'd like to have a program that will still carry weight in Europe.

So far I'm considering: CEIBS, BIMBA, Tsinghua, Fudan

CEIBS seems to have an excellent reputation, both in China and elsewhere.

BIMBA I have almost ruled out as it seems that elements of the course are taught in Chinese. Although I'm already in China and studying Chinese, I don't think I will be at a sufficient standard to use it academically.

Tsinghua and Fudan both have MBA programs with affiliations to MIT Sloane. Information on these programs is thin on the ground. I can only find very basic information about Tsinghua, this page mentions the MBA site, but it's not working for me. Neither are the email address listed. Any more information about the MBA there would be much appreciated. Anyone know the tuition cost? GMAT average?

Can you suggest other places I should be considering?

Any comments on my choices so far?


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Thanks for that link :)

When you attended a semester at Tsinghua, did you get to know many of the foreign students on the full Tsinghua MBA? Were there any particular positives or negatives being expressed by them about the full course, particularly in regards to the standing of the MBA outside of China. I'm particularly interested in any figures (or even your gut feeling) about the employment rate or foreign students, both inside China and outside China after taking the MBA.

Do you know anything about the MIT affiliation? I've read that there is alumini links, to what extent does the affiliation operate from an educational point of view. Do you know what the MIT certification actually says?

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