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A phrase/成语 to describe shoddy work


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And not just bad work from an incapable person, but blatant neglect / cover up in order to save time and/or money.

For example: there's a huge hole in the wall, and instead of patching it up and repainting the wall, a poster is posted over it.

Any ideas?

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You don't happen to be gprince's landlord do you?

Haha. No, that's not me. Though the suggestion there about taping a piece of paper over the whole and painting it the same color as the wall is pretty close to the situation I observed the other day.

I tried asking a Chinese colleague for the term, but she was unable to produce something exact enough. Roddy's suggestion seems to be pretty dead on.

Up until now I've just been saying this time of work is "差不多", but I've found it hasn't been quite blunt enough.

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This remind me a famous early Republic period essay called Mr. 差不多 (差不多先生), I would susggest whenever someone tells you, "This work is OK. It's 差不多 to the standard." You could tell him, "It's more like 差多."

I like the phrase 敷衍了事 (fu yan2 liao3 shi4 - to play fast and loose) also.

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