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university student would like to use a REAL chinese name


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hi there!

I'm studying mandarin at university in Venice and i often go to China ( 香 港 actually) where my first mandarin teacher, not being able to pronounce "Andrea" called me 安 德 利. I kept this name and i'm still using it at school when we practice chinese conversations and replace our italian names with "Similar ones" just like mine. But frankly i would like to replace it with a REAL one,meaning something for real..

So can you guys tell me how can i choose one?Can choose my own characters?Should i ask to my teachers for help?

I know that first names in chinese can be both mono- or bi- sillabic ,but aside from that can i choose a name using 2 characters i like and which,together, sound good form the point of view of tones and meaning?

Thanks again

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thank you very much for the ideas!

being a boy, i guess that 蕊 doesen't fit for me..(what a pity!i like the characther!)..keeping 安 is a good idea though..(it's reminescent of my real name!) but i don't like too much 睿..what could i replace it with?

Thanks so much!

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Hey Andrea, what's wrong with 安德利 anyway?It's a perfectly legit and well-sounding Chinese name, although not "hardcore Chinese" if you know what I mean. 德 means having high moral standards and 利 means a benefit, so it's meaning-wise quite good. With Andrea being your born name, this combination is very true to its originality.

But if you'd really like to choose a Chinese name entirely independent of your real name, then I suggest you read a bit of Tang poets (or whatever dynasty), you will come up with many brilliant pairs~

As for 蕤, I personally, do not remember seeing this character. I don't even know it's pronunciation lol.


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How about another last name, like 艾 (ai4)? It's a much more common Han Chinese last name than 安. 安 is just sounded too foreign to me. The people who had 安 last names were mostly coverted into Chinese from foreign countries since imperial times. The ones that supposed to have ancient Chinese lineage were very few. Besides, the worst rebel general in Chinese history also had the last name, 安 (安禄山), and he was supposed to be fat like a pig. This last name gave me the image of a very fat, very cruel and rough man. His son was also pretty bad, too. I don't think it's a good idea to use that last name even if it's close to Andrew. Btw, I am a native speaker and familiar with Chinese history.

How about:

艾德 (ai4 de2) or 艾德瑞 (ai4 de2 rui4) would be nice.

艾 is also mugwort, artemisia or mint, used for cauterization or as counterirritant.

德 de2 - virtue

瑞 rui4 - luck

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