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How to say "Sure" in Putonghua


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Recently on Da Shan's Travel in Chinese program on CCTV 9, there was dialogue in a hair salon; the gentleman was asked if he wanted his hair blow dried to which he answered, "sure" - according to the provided English translation.

I could not understand the word he said in Putonghua that meant "sure." It sounded like Douna ??

I am familiar with Dui, Shi, or yiding as possible ways to respond similarly in this situation.

Could someone out there please reply with what word this tv person probably said to mean "sure / certainly."

Many thanks,

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I think any language in the world can communicate.

"sure" in English is "confirm,certainly"表示肯定的means.so you translate it into any 肯定的mean,That will be ok.such as,ok,好啊,行啊,吹吧,恩.


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Thank you everybody for your help in this thread. Hopefully others looking in have benefited too.

I believe now that duiya. or dui a or dui la must be what I heard on this CCTV 9 learning Chinese program. The gentleman said it quickly I just couldn't get it on my own. I am much the wiser now.

In response to taijidan 's question:

From CCTV 9 's website:

We’ve published books and DVDs of all programs of Communicate in Chinese.

If you want to buy them, please contact Popular Science Press.

Tel: 8610-62103210


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