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Win In China


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I watched a few episodes of Win In China. Obviously it copied the Apprentice. Evidently there are many cultural differences between American and Chinese version.

Apprentice, which I only watched some early seasons, has too many personal colors of Trump. He acted a dominating role, sometimes makes arbitrary decisions. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because he dramatized the show.

In the Chinese show, it’s interesting to see how these people interact, how they make friends and enemies, showing different personalities and perspectives. No doubt, politics is universal. But one prominent lesson is, in America, you can not say you are wrong. If you’re wrong, you’re fired. It’s that simple. But in the Chinese show, people often admit they’re wrong. After everyone in the room agreed it was because of someone the team lost (I mean, after a clear agreement), they started to discuss who should be fired. Sometimes judges say, well, I should fire you according to your performance in this episode, but I’m not going to do that because you have been a better team member overall than somebody else.

I always feel confused at the critical turning point.

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I think it's called 赢在中国



I had never heard of this show. I'm so going to watch this!

When I was working in China, I always found that people rarely took responsibility for anything that happened. Especially with the generation born in the Eighties. It'll definitely be interesting to see this show based on Outofin's description.

Thanks for sharing this with us!

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I hate working with those who don’t take their responsibilities. But the Apprentice is designed to let them crush on each other. So, reality show is never reality. I’m aware of that. Another thing is, I feel in politics and business world, there is enough room to let them blame on others. For technical people, many things are simple fact and are undeniable.

Put it aside. Now another interesting incident, about quitter.

I didn’t see any quitter in Apprentice. Quitter is a shame. But in the Chinese show, I saw a person even said “Fire me.” How did the judges respond?

The female judge gave him 5 points. The unusual low point is often an instant kill. She didn’t like slackers.

Another judge made some comments on this. He said, you want to quit. I see it as that you’re too emotional. That’s your weakness. I deducted points for this. But I have to consider your other qualities. Blah blah.

Is it being fair? Or just low expectation?

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