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Hi there,my girlfriend broke up with me because she said she wanted to take some time off. Today i just saw that her status in her online diary is "is frigtened and amused by 喪精男" Just wanted to ask what does it exactly mean in terms of relationship,because it is really important for me and although i m giving her the time she asked and dont contact her i dont want to just wait and when i feel i can do something maybe i could.

Great thanks for your help!

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It is the first time for me to encounter the term“喪精男”, which is very new to me.

“喪”, here might mean “lose” . “精” here might mean “semen” .“男”here means “man”, indicating you. I am guessing that "is frightened and amused by 喪精男" might imply that she enjoys being with you but feels frightened because of your strong desire of having sex.

The above may sound silly.

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Also to add on, she might of used bad English when writing "Frightened and Amused"

She probably wanted to say 惊喜喪精男 which sounds much more positive than frightened and amused.

Please note that the character 惊 by itself means "frightened" and the character 喜 by itself means "delighted or happy".

However, by putting the two words together, 惊喜 means "pleasantly surprised", thus meaning that she's "pleasantly suprised by an absent-minded man"

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