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In Beijing, how much is the price of silk per metre? Also, know any good tailors?

Huang Jialuo

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This is my story. I love China, I love Kungfu. I've wanted to have a custom-made kungfu suit for myself since a very long time now. I have given myself an ultimatum to go get it done before New Year. I have been trying to gather information, but it is not going well, because my circle of friends are foreign people mainly of chinese ancestry, but not chinese chinese if you know what I mean. Also, they have no interest for traditional chinese clothing or traditional kungfu. I knoooow scary, right? How could anyone not like them? Just kidding. Anyway, I want to find out how much the price of a metre of silk is, before I actually go and try to bargain it myself. I figure that if I know what it should cost, I won't be fooled... on this particular matter at least. The other thing is finding a good tailor for chinese clothing: any suggestions? It bugs me a little bit though that all the cool stuff is kind of concentrated in 朝阳区........ anyway, there is not much I can do about that: I am living in 海淀区. So I will be very appreciative for any answers about these matters. Thanks. And cheap tailors please: below 900yuan if possible.

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I've been to Beijing, but long long time ago.

How come you are stuck in a certain territory区? Can't you go to another区to buy fabric and get things tailor?

Well....I think it's better if you go with someone who is a localist. Or at least go with someone who knows those place, someone who have experience in getting clothes tailor in there before. So they know what to do, and what NOT to do.

I can see that you are so excited, and I am happy for you too. But please don't hold too much expectation. Cheap price tailoring, and whatever price tailoring don't always garentee the outcome.

And may be you want to get some cheaper non-silk fabric to test out first.

Also, silk can be hard to clean. And it may have drapery out look when you wear it, not stiff box out look (like western business suits).

It may be better if you just go shop around and buy some ready-made done kungfu suits. What you see it's what you get, is a more peace of mind way to shop.

Also, they have no interest for traditional chinese clothing or traditional kungfu.

I knoooow scary, right?

No, it's not scary.

It's like what happen in "Finding Nemo". It's like how other fishes have impression that clown fish is comedian. But it is a wrong impression. Every clown fish is a different individual, not all the clown fish are the same.

I have no mean to offend. Just try to make some points clear.

p.s. Good luck on shopping kungfu suits.

(I guess there is no typo, anyways, very sleepy, not gonna re-read or edit, my eyes disagree to keep open)

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