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chinese charecter-english dictionary needed


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You don't have to use it. Perhaps you can find an older version that doesn't have the CD. Mine didn't come with one, but then I bought it this dictionary quite a few years ago. The only other two dictionaries I have personally used and would recommend are Plecodict (but it's for PDAs) and the 现代汉语词典 which is Chinese-Chinese.

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Although not without its flaws, the Oxford Concise English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary is very useful. 1st half is English-Chinese, 2nd half Chinese-English. The Chinese-English section is organized by alphabetically by pinyin, with a radical index in the front, based on the radical's stroke count. So, for example, if you were looking up 悟, first you'd count the radical's strokes (3), it would tell you all characters with that radical are listed on page 20. After turning to page 20, you then count the number of strokes in the other part of the character (7), and find all characters with that radical that are 7 strokes. It tells you the pinyin, then you look it up.

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