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苹果 (2007)


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Translated as Lost in Beijing, the movie has that familiar

feel of walking the streets of Beijing, making the city seem

intimate, if such a thing is possible ... The story line is

so simple, even a few words will give away the ending...

Tony Leung looks great, at first you hate him but after a

while he grows on you -- you find yourself sympathizing a

little with his plight ...

A few of the more shocking scenes reminded me of

Last Tango in Paris (tame by today's standards, I

suppose) ... Directed by Yu Li (李玉), who as far as

I can tell is off to a promising start ...

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Just stumbled on this thread, looks interesting!

This Apple is Fresh, 9 December 2007

Author: Anawrahta

The story is about a poor migrant couple and a wealthy couple living in Beijing. Their lives become intertwined through a set of unfortunate and somewhat disturbing circumstances.

I'm not perfectly fluent in Mandarin, but the acting was good from all four main characters. The less experienced Bingbing Fang was especially good as Ping Guo, the lead character. The scenery is set amid the toxic haze of a sprawling Beijing with lots of greys and muted colours.

The best thing about the movie for me was the amazing contrast between the lives of the rich and the poor. Even though I'm surrounded by it daily, this movie gives a little bit more intimacy than what I'm normally exposed to. Other common themes were greed and face.


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Maybe the steamier scenes in 苹果 caused it to be banned in China, an article in today's local paper reports that 最终没能逃脱被禁的命运, 也就是情理之中的事了[the film couldn't escape its fate to be banned, and that's understandable] ...

But the headline is "莫让苹果变禁果" [Don't let "Apple" become a "forbidden fruit"] -- don't let the film become a 地下电影, an underground classic ... Almost sounds like an argument against the banning of certain films ...

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I just noticed that 苹果 has been taken down from twt.edu.cn, the 教育网 that I downloaded it from ... 色,戒 (Lust Caution) is still up, as is 断背山 (Brokeback Mountain) ...

I don't know about 藍宇, but I suppose if it still is banned, comparisons with Brokeback Mountain will be more difficult to come by ...

I just saw "Warlords" 投名状, I hope to write something about it in a different post, unless someone already has beat me to it ...

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