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Just wondering if anyone out there has recent experience of changing an X visa to an F visa using an agency in Beijing? What is a fair price to pay and how long should it take? I've been quoted 3000RMB and one month - which seems a bit expensive and too long!

Thanks in advance for any tips!

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You should not pay more than 1500rmb for 6 months! (i used to pay 1200)

they try to rip you off.

I have been using a company in Shanghai, but prefer going to hong-kong now when i have to change my visa, it is far more secured and professional.

Far to risky in China :mrgreen:

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650 for 6 months,1200 for 1 year.

you apply in the morning, you get your visa in the afternoon 5 pm.

I will try to get the agency i used last time i have been there.

you can also go to the Chinese embassy and apply yourself, but it is a real headache...

hold on, :-) i am not at home right now, will post it tomorrow.

ps: if you are short in cash, you can enter Hong-kong from Shenzhen.

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in kooloon district 36-44nathan road, it is on the last floor.

You will find it easy, and the people are realy nice and professional. can't find the phone number. sorry for that.

You will need an invitation letter only if you apply for 1 year visa.i got 6 months without any trouble.

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I've heard similar rumors (though I don't know how reliable the source is), who were linking that to the Beijing Olympics, which I am not too sure about (even though many regulations are enforced more strictly). I think that, if true, this is just an attempt to have less foreigners working on an F-visa illegally.

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Haven't heard anything, but sounds entirely plausible. Japan Travel have been around for ages, used them two or three times myself. The real question is - will things relax again after the summer, or is this the shape of things to come?

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Also depends on your nationality. About a year ago I got turned away at the Japan Travel Agency because they could do nothing more for Americans than I could do for myself at the embassy.

Was going to say that as well. Depends on the political winds. Let's say a certain guy with the initials DL visits your president or PM for example.

Had lunch with the head of a college here a week ago. (high ranking gov't official) It's only going to get worse I'm afraid. Long-timers are getting cut some slack though, because they've been here so long and haven't caused any problems yet so to speak. That's what he says and I have every reason to believe him. Not sure if he is referring to BJ only though. Will ask him next time I meet him if I can get a chance.

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From what I heard (my visa is currently being extended), at the moment the standard 'no documents/questions asked' F-visas are only being issued up until July. So if you apply now, you can get a 6 month F-visa. If you apply next month, you'll only get a 5 month visa. The month after that, a 4 month visa, and so on. Nobody seems to be sure what will happen after July.

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If you are doing an internship you'll (or should) have an invitation letter. These changes only apply to the back-door agencies and as imron puts it 'no documents/questions asked' F visas.

JTA is one of the "no question asked" visa provider. I used them a number of times and never ever was ask for an invitation letter.

However, when I applied my (I think 3 year) visa in the Visa Office in Wanchai I was ask to give them an invitation letter, which I of course didn't have or bring. I just asked my HK office to fax one to them (which they accepted) and I got my 3 year visa a short while later.

But that was nearly 3 years ago. But I may not try it again since I now have an APEC card which gives my visa free entry to China.

According to this link, F visas seems to be only available for single and doubly entries.:


I may have to read it a few time to get the finer points, how it is then applied will a completely different story. But that JTA still does 3 month visa means it's not as clear as stated in the official site, as everything in China I guess.

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