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Pet dogs in Chengdu?


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Hi everyone!

I lived in Beijing a few years ago and I am considering moving back to China for work, but after seeing all the strict dog restrictions, I'm wary of coming back... I'm interested in moving to Chengdu, but I am hoping that there are people living in Chengdu that can tell me what the exact restrictions are for dogs in their city. I would like to know:

What is the height, weight, or size restriction for a foreigner's pet dog living inside the city limits?

What breeds are restricted in your city?

You can only have one dog per person as a foreigner, correct?

Are there any other restrictions for dogs? Like, time they are allowed to be outside, places they cannot go, etc?

Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it.

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Honestly, I have never heard about any of these restrictions and while I do not LIVE there currently I am in and out of their quite frequently. I have seen all sizes of dogs and many different breeds and just so long as your dog isn't big and running free I don't think you will have too much of a problem (they are concerned about rabid dogs....).

I don't know about specific places you can't take them but I prefer you not bring it into any restaurant where I may eat...

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Muyongshi, i DO have a big dog, that's why I'm worried about the restrictions. She is a sheepdog, maybe about 65 lb and her shoulder hits you high on the leg, she's maybe 27 inches at the shoulder. You have seen dogs of this size as pets in Chengdu city? Or has the height restriction recently been lowered past that?

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there's an israeli doctor here who has a doberman! this dog is enormous! and he goes around with the doctor everywhere--to the bar, and pulls him along on his skateboard, which has apparently caused more than one traffic accident as everybody stares and forgets to watch where they're going. :)

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I've searched on the internet and it seems that these are the Chengdu dog-keeping regulations (2006) -> http://cdga.scol.com.cn/inqu_detail.asp?id=996

Some kind-hearted members might do a translation for you. Very roughly, it says -

  • dog-keeping is subject to restrictions in certain districts
  • only one dog over the age of 3 months is allowed in a household
  • dogs must be on leash and are not allowed in certain public places
  • dogs must be properly registered, quarantined, and vaccinated

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If it is similar to BJ and NJ ,

Big dogs are in a different category and you may have to get an expensive license and other checks in order to keep such a dog.

Other issues like chaining him up during the day or keeping the dog inside most of the time when not walking may also be necessary. Some cities don't have many parks and can be very difficult for big dogs not used to being on the leash.

Make sure you check if there are extra regulations if your dog is a big dog. (Most chinese have small dogs.)

have fun,


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I hope to find some dog person online who lives in Chengdu...

Would there be clubs or places to do activities with your dog, like agility?

We are moving there at the end of the year and currently we plan to bring the dog alone.

I have been doing agility and other sports with my dog here, and it would be nice to continue that in Chengdu if possible?

Any hints and tips are appriciated!

- R

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