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Historic Figures You Should Know About


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In such a long history, it’s not surprising that some people played similar roles. They are stereotyped in Chinese culture. Here is a list of people I can recall off the top of my head, those whom most believe they were. They are mostly in the right place but not necessarily accurate.

The good and wise: 屈原,诸葛亮,周恩来

Heroes: 项羽,关羽,杨业,岳飞,袁崇焕

Dark Heroes: 曹操,毛泽东

Tyrants: 嬴政,杨广

Reformers: 商鞅,晁错,王安石,邓小平


权臣(excluding those who eventually became rulers):霍光,宇文护,张居正


Saints: I think there were too many.

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毛澤東……周恩來……百年不論史…… It's a bit too early IMHO.

I think the very true fact is哪个人后无人说,哪个人前不说人. 百年不论史? As long as people take a neutral, objective and profound thought on these men and their life, it can be something very meaningful. So, why not?


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There are definitely misconception and different interpretation on these people. Cao Cao was clearly under the category of bad guys before, but now people more think of him as a genius. He truly was!

And folklores put too many moral judgments on history, often simplify it as the fight between good guys and bad guys.

Now add a new category: Empress and Queens. 武则天 was the only real Empress in Chinese history. But it’s not a rare case that Queens put her hands on the top power. In many cases when a child Emperor ascended the throne, the person he most trusted and relied on was naturally his mother. They were, 吕后,窦太后,文明太后冯氏,西太后慈禧。

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陸羽 invent tea.

Sorry, but I think tea wasn’t invented by 陆羽. His great contribution to the world is his great book named “Book of Tea 《茶经》”, which is the first book in history that describes:

tea trees,

tools used to process tea,

all processes to handle freshly picked tea leaves,

tea sets,

how to cook tea and what kind of water you can choose to cook tea,

how to drink tea and what kind of ingredients you can add in your tea,

historical records on tea,

original places of all kinds of tea,

and so on.


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oh! thankx for the correction :mrgreen:

You're welcome.:)

Now I am curious, who invent tea?

Hehe. In fact, tea is leaves on tea trees. Long long ago, people found that it was a kind of perfect beverage after it was processed.


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