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searching for 中庸 commentary by 鄭玄


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we've been working on an edition of the 中庸 with commentary by 朱熹. Now we switched to the same 經 but in an edition with the commentary by 鄭玄 which causes certain problems as there are no punctuation marks and the language is completely beyond comparison.

I wonder if there are any digital versions of this edition out there. :help

Although a translation into any western language or modern chinese or punctuation marks would be great, a simple digital version of the same text would already be very helpful.

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for the quick reply.

That's not the text I'm searching for.

I've got some additional information:

There's a subcommentary 疏 by 孔穎逹 which is introduced with the character 疏. Within this subcommentary theres reference by 孔穎逹 to one of his commentaries written earlier and introduced often with 正義 or 正義曰 thus creating a sub-subcommentary.

Iv'e typewritten a passage from chapter 27:





『言爲政在人政由禮也凝猶成也O 優於求反倡優也凝本又作疑魚澄反。[疏] 大哉至凝焉O







故曰苟不至德至道不凝焉。凝成也。古語先有其文今夫子既言三百三千待其賢人始行故引古語證之。 苟誠也不非也苟誠非至德之人則聖人至極之道不可成也. 俗本不作非也O 』




燖音尋O 故君至崇禮 O 正儀曰此一經明君子欲行聖人之道當須勤學. 前經明聖人性之至誠此經明賢人學而至誠也 O

君子尊德性者謂君子賢人尊敬此聖人道德之性自然至謂也 O』

I'd truly be glad to have the whole text in digital representation...

What other known commentaries or editions of the 中庸 are there and where might I find them?

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I'd truly be glad to have the whole text in digital representation...

OK, I hope the link below is what you’re looking for.


What other known commentaries or editions of the 中庸 are there and where might I find them?

How about 朱熹’s commentaries? Please check the link below.




  中庸一書 ,枝枝相對 ,葉葉相當,不知怎生做得一箇文字齊整!方子。

  中庸,初學者未當理會 。升卿。



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