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Modern literature


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I am currently trying to translate Mianmian's short story "A Patient." I have a copy of it from Advanced Reader of Contemporary Chinese short stories.

I was wondering if anyone knew if there were already any translated versions because I want to see how I am doing and make it flow a bit better.

Thanks for any help!

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No replies so far, so I'll just throw in a suggestion even though I don't really know the answer.

There is a periodical for Chinese literature in English translation, called Renditions. Their translations are generally pretty good, and they have a website. Perhaps you could try looking for a translation there, even if they don't have it online, you then know where to go look for it.

Good luck.

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Of Mian Mian's stuff, I think it is only Candy that has been translated into English. Unfortunately, most Chinese literature just does not get translated.

That Advanced Reader of Contempory Chinese Short Stories (compiled by Ying Wang and Carrie E Reed, published by University of Washington Press) is really really good, in my opinion. It was one of my favourite books.

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