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A New Chinese Course


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Dimensions: 285 x 210 x 10 mm, Paperback, 230 pages


ISBN13: 9787561919927

Publication Date: 2007-12

Annotation language: Chinese, English

Language skill: Integrated

Level: Beginner

Category: Chinese Textbooks for Adults - Integrated Textbooks

Medium: Paper

This is Textbook 1 of A New Chinese Course series, starts from the Chinese phonetics and progresses gradually to the dialogue training. Altogether there are 30 units, with 10 for phonetics, and 20 for dialogues. Seven characters (Ding Wenyue, Tian Zhongping, Linda, Susan, David, Wang Yunshan, Roger) run through the whole book. Five topics such as Individual, Family, School, Friends, and Society are cycled four times. Each lesson is structured in the order of “text – new words – functions - notes”. Illustrations for dialogues are provided. Appendix such as Vocabulary, Table of Cycles of Topics, Outline of Functions, Index of Grammar Points can be found at the end of the textbook.

The recording CD is sold independently.

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Well, NPCR is a famous Chinese textbook brand, but A New Chinese Course is a new product of BLCUP which is also designed for beginners overseas. There are totaly 4 volumes. There are 3000 words, 300 grammar points and 1500 character totaly.

You can buy one copy and have a detailed comparision with NPCR.

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This seems to be the same series published earlier by The Commercial Press, split into 4 volumes instead of the original 2. It's reasonably good and out of familiarity with it, I often recommend it to new learners.

I looked at the BLCUP website but couldn't find any details on how to buy, apart from the fact that you'll have to first register. Do they ship overseas? What kind of payment (credit card, Paypal, etc.) does the site accept?


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For one or two books, you can go to http://www.blcup.com/en/ register an ID and order online directly. the discount should be 5% off. They can deliver the goods to your country. Credit cards are acceptable.

If you are a distributor or shools for large quantity order, you can contact me directly. I can give you special discount.

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