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I've just finished watching this, and found it extremely entertaining, I can recommend this series to anyone looking for some popcorn entertainment that's easy to follow.

It's a gongfu story set in what seems to be the late 19th century, and it is about a young man and gongfu master who goes from a small place in Hunan to the capital and ends up in all sorts of missions of great importance to the country together with his new-found friends.

It's some sort of popcorn gong-fu comedy with fights, romance, and all that. The acting is terrible, but the story gets quite interesting and complex, and it's fun to watch. The language is at an intermediate level, not too hard to follow what's going on, but a bit challenging to understand everything, mostly due to the formal and old-fashioned way in which some upper-class people talk. But if you are at an HSK intermediate level, you'll have no problem. I personally found myself pausing often and reading the subtitles, but that was OK.

A word of caution, though, the first few episodes are awful! They're Telletubbies quality, I thought the whole thing was for pre-teen children, but then people started dying and there was all sorts of stuff that children wouldn't be watching, so I guess it's not aimed at them. After the initial few episodes, the actors seem to get their act together, and the story picks up, so I recommend sticking with it. It's still lemonade trash, but entertaining :D

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