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New Adsotrans Pop-ups now enabled . . .


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You'll all have noticed and been drooling over the new Adsotrans.com pop-ups which Trevelyan posted about here. But tragically we didn't have them and you had to visit other sites to view them. But . . . no longer!

I've only just set this up but it seems to be working fine. Basically use the BB Code


and your text will then be Adsotate-able. Like this:


Note that text isn't automatically adsotated, you need to click on it and then it will automatically happen. Also you can click again to start editing the entries and improving the Adso dictionary even further.

Couple of things I need to do is get a little icon for the text editor, but for the moment you can just type the [adso] code in. I also want to have someway of indicating that the text has been tagged for adsotation, but need to get in touch with the Adso folk about the best way of doing that.

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Looks good. Would suggest that if you want a CSS tweak you should add it to the forums CSS. I don't want to add underlining because it distracts when reading lengthy Chinese passages.

Two things I noticed:

(1) the functionality only works when you're logged in. Not sure if this is intentional/unintentional bandwidth saver.

(2) you could get the forums to wrap all of the Chinese automatically to remove the need for people to wrap the text in the annotation tags if you wanted. Just pass the text through the PHP function included in the Wordpress plugin before displaying it. (it's all the plugin actually does -- the rest is handled by the javascript).

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Yeah, I was just thinking about that. My first thought was just to add the tags to the start and end of every post, but then you're going to end up tagging lots and lots of non-Chinese content. The best thing to do is probably to do something similar to the Wordpress plugin, though I haven't looked at that yet. Ideally would want to get it converted to a functional VBulletin plug in rather than just a hack.

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Still need to be logged in to use them. I switch computers fairly frequently and delete cookies, etc. on browser close, so I usually view the site as a logged out user unless I want to post or check messages.

I'd ask to get rid of the low-bandwidth version for the same reason, but I guess you're being hit by a lot of search engines and that would take up too much bandwidth.

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Bandwidth is an issue, plus the guest view + turning the ads off functions as a pda / mobile friendly version ( not fully functional but usable for just reading, bookmark http://www.chinese-forums.com/forums.php?styleid=3 if you want to use it, change 3 to 1 if you want to change back) and I'd rather not add extra javascript / html into that if possible.

I won't rule out having them enabled on guest view, but want to decide how to actually implement this first.

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