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Hi reanima,

What is the exact Problem. Send me a mail And I will get back , Or if you are on an IM Add me and I'll have a chat with you about it. Are you sure you have the Chinese / English QQ and not the African / English QQ ? As the Chinese Account number will not be accepted on the African QQ IM.

Have you tried the TM2008 Preview 4 , I use this version and it works very well . It also comes as an English version.

Schöne Grüße aus Tecklenburg.

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Are you sure there is something wrong with your password Triode88? Lately I have gotten a message quite often saying I need to go to http://im.qq.com/jh because there was suspicious activity. I think it has more to do with me not using the official QQ client (not using Windows here).

Upon going to that webpage, I just put in my normal username, password, and type the Chinese characters in the picture, and I am able to log in to QQ again.

You might try doing that if you can't get in.

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Thank you for the reply. Yes, i have confirm that the password is correct. Have tried all ways and could not logged in?

Can you help me or anybody please? I am willing to pay some $$ to get my password hacked for me.

Thank you & hope to hear from you soon.

Mr Loh.

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Is there some other way to retrieve lost passwords? Most software like this has a mechanism for retrieving lost passwords, where you tell them that you've lost your password and then they send an email to the address you used when signing up for your number (I don't know if QQ has the functionality, but it would be worth investigating).

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