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Nanning School of Chinese Language & Culture


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I am local nanning and now had been studied in Canada for 2 years. I had never heard his school before ,also the teaching quality about that. Maybe it set up in the most recent. But actcually, Guangxi is beautiful place to visit and live in. Living expenses in nanning is low relative to another huge city. Further, nanning is bilingual for both Mamdarin and Cantonese.If you want to improve your Chinese skill, nanning is your ideal choice. Although Guangxi looks like a little bit undeveloped, it does clean and nature. :D

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haven't made the decision yet, but tentative plans are to move from kunming to guangxi,

most likely to baise, this summer. nothing definite yet, and still considering other

locations. i'm planning another visit to baise at the end of april, and will probably take

a few days to check out nanning as well.

my worry about studying in nanning is the amount of cantonese spoken and how that will

affect the pronunciation of the mandarin speakers there. also it appears that most of the

foreign students are vietnamese, who can be quite painful to listen to in a speaking class

(at my level anyways).

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Don't worry about that.Normally,people use Mandarin for daily communication mix some local voice actually. Cantonese is street language in Nanning, many younger people are not always use it. If you are more concerned the Cantonese will affect your learning,I suggest you to move to Guilin. It is beautiful city and more suitable for study. Anyway, Nanning is more like a business city.Here are some resources for Guangxi Nomal University. It locates in Guilin.:D


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