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Renaissance Fair


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Have anyone been to Renaissance Fair? There is none in my city. I seen pictures online, and have a basic clue of what is it. I think it's very interesting.

I wish Chinese can have something like a Renaissance Fair too. But in this case, the time period theme can be more flexible, not necessary just one or two dynasties. Since it will be interesting to see people wear costumes from different dynasty. And more interesting to wear a costumes too.

I am not in China right now. I hope there can be a sth like this oversea and in China. It can be fun.

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Haha, where are you from? I'm from Singapore (a largely Chinese-populated city), but almost no one here is interested in Chinese history anymore.

I'm one of the rare few who have been in love with Chinese culture, language and literature, and history. If you ask me whether my city would have some culture show or exhibition on Chinese history, my answer would be: the last bastion of Chinese cultural exhibition - the Tang Dynasty City (an area built to show history and life from the Tang Dynasty to locals and foreigners) - and relic - Haw Par Villa (a similar area built to show legends from Chinese history) - was just pulled down years ago.

But wells, China has got a long and beautiful history. Do notify me if you've got something happening over at your side soon! :)

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ooo this does sound fun!! I would dress up like Lu Xun and draw a moustache and everything. Or force guy friends to carry me in a loveseat while I am that lounging opium smoking lady that is in like every 1950s Shanghai-set TV series. Yeeesssss.


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Thank you to IcyBlade and bottlepoetry, for the replies. I have no problem with those replies and I appreciate them.

Just in case anyone may reply after this. I want to make it clear that, replies from this thread/topic, don't represent the opinion of the original starter (writer) of this topics. Because I had experience, someone trying to twist my opinion and put words in my mouth. 斷章取義.

I hope it can be at least reach to the state like cosplay meetup. But in this case, it's not cosplay. It's dressing in Chinese cultural costumes (Han clothing, Man clothing, other ethics clothing, etc)

*And I am not getting in things like which cultural clothing is the genuine clothing of China. I think China is made up all the different ethics groups. And we should live peacefully with each other and be friends. Learn and exchange from each other.

And people from X culture are free and welcome to dress in Y cultural costume too. Just have fun, exchange and mix of cultures and create harmony.

I like costumes from China, whether is different historical periods or different ethnic groups. And I wish one day people will know Han clothing is part of Chinese culture and history too, just like costumes from the 55 others ethnic groups.

I like Han clothing, Man clothing, and Miao clothing, etc, on and on.....

Sometimes I see Indian ladies wear Saree as daily wear, going on buses. I think it's very nice and very fond of how they appreciate their cultural costumes. In the Adult ceremony, Japanese will would kimono, or fireworks gala, they hear yukata. And in places such as LiJiangGuCheng 麗江古城,and Tibet, you can still see sometimes people wear their traditional costumes.

It will be nice if there is a multicultral festival and on that day, people wear traditional cultural costumes from different cultures. And one is limited to only wear their own cultural costumes, he/she can wear costumes that is not their own origin costumes. Again, just have fun, exchange and mix of cultures and create harmony.

海納百川 and our world improves. 有容乃大 and our society is peace.

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