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"Dust Buster" in Chinese


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I live on the edge of the desert and on the ground floor, so combating the dust that accumulates in ever nook and crannie of the place I call home is a daily struggle. In a matter of days, just a few sweeps of the broom makes a small pile of dirt, and the dust bunnies that accumulate under furniture make me feel like I'm living in a well nourished petri dish.

By now well acquainted with the ways my room gets dirty, I've come to the realization that the best weapon I can arm myself to fight the dirt is a "Dust Buster," one of those handheld, wireless vacuums made by Black and Decker. Not only would having a handheld vacuum bring back fond childhood memories (I think dust busters were definitely a big fad in the late 80s early 90s), but I think that kind of vacuum would be perfect for places in my room too inconvenient for a broom/featherduster and for really fine dirt that is difficult to sweep into the dustpan.

So anybody... how to say dust buster in Chinese? And while we're at it, can those things even be bought here?


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I'm not sure where you live but they're very easy to find in Beijing. I have one and I never even knew the word. I just saw a few vacuums on the store shelf on display and chose one.

Beijing is pretty dirty. In the summer I like the windows open as much as possible as opposed to AC, and it gets dirty SO fast. I use my dustbuster for the couch (crumbs, general dust).

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Thanks for your replies. 700 kuai? Lao tian ye.

@Roddy and Ninina: I live in Xinjiang, on the edge of the desert. The only people with the god-like abilities to summon grass from the desert are the Bingtuan folks. :)

@here2learn: Roddy showed me a dust buster on joyo but it's really expensive - can I ask you how much yours in Beijing was?

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A USB mini vacuum cleaner? You evil man. Now I'm going to have to buy that just because I'm sucker for novelties like that. It's actually quite affordable!

Thanks again for the information. I'll probably collect some of these names and labels then head to the local appliances store and find a cure for my dust headaches.

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My goodness... I totally don't remember, it was more than a year ago. But after seeing the prices above, I can say it was nowhere near 700! Probably between 100-300. ...I don't think I've bought many things for even near 300, it wouldn't be like me. Maybe 150-250. I could be wrong.

Here it is. It's worked for a year now, though NOT daily or even weekly. It's not REALLY sucky... heehee.... I mean it's not the most powerful thing, like if there's fuzzies partly stuck in the couch fabric I have to pick them off, but it takes care of crumbs & basic dust.


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