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Cost of express visa service in Hong Kong


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Hello all,

Firstly, let me apologise for asking yet another visa-related question!

I have to go to Hong Kong to get a Z visa for a job I will be starting shortly and I was wondering what the additional cost is to have the visa done on the same day/within 2 days rather than waiting the full 4 days. I am trying to figure out whether paying the extra would work out cheaper than having to stay in HK for that amount of time...

Many thanks!

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I remember it being an extra $50 or so. Much cheaper than accomodation and food for three days.

If you take the train to HK through Kowloon, you can rush to the visa office and get your application in on the same day. Pick it up the next day and you're only in HK for one day. I don't think they provide any guarantees about delivery schedules, so you may not want to book plane tickets in advance.

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Charges are listed here, although I can't see that it explains specifically what 'rush' and 'express' actually means.

Wait, found it:

1. Regular service: 4 working days including submission day (e.g. Submission on Monday and collection on Thursday) .

2. Express service: 2 working days including submission day (e.g. Submission on Monday and collection on Tuesday) .

3. Rush service: For visa application received in the morning, collection will be in the afternoon (showing proof of emergency, such as confirmed air-ticket, ship ticket or train ticket showing departure in the same day).

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Roddy & trevelyan, you always save my skin! Thank you so much for your fast & thorough responses! I don't know why I couldn't find the prices myself on the website - I've been looking through it for the past couple of hours :roll:

Now I just have 24 hours on a train and lots of bureaucracy & unnecessary expense to look to look forward to :wink:

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