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What happened to ZDT... it will not load...


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I seem to have messed up my ZDT 0.7.0 installation... I think it may be when I was cleaning up some software and got rid of some old versions of Java... and then I realized that ZDT needs java 5.0... but I unistalled and reinstalled with zdt-0.7.0-setup-full, so it should have been replaced... but it is still lot loading properly. It will initially start and I will get the ZDT logo... but then nothing else happens... any idea what is happening and what I should be doing to get things operating again...


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latest update...

I seem to be having problem with the ZDT Software... I have been using the 0.7.0 version... I did some Java upgrade... and the program stopped running... it will show the startup image... but the program will not start... I tried unistalling and reinstalling... but got the same situaiton... (i have used the full version so that it would reinstall the needed java 5)... I tried installing 0.6.1 and was able to get that running... but when i unistalled that and rinstalled 0.7.0... again I could not get it to start. Do you have any idea what is going on or suggestions for how I can things set up again.

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Well... it took a lot of leg work... but zdt is back up and runing again. :mrgreen: I had to remove all the directories relating to ZDT... something in there must have been causing problems. But now I am back studying my 3000 characters... I will know the tones for each...

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