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Hey guys,

Here's a sweet web site Done by MIT you can do flash cards on it. It only has a couple of Chinese flashcards but that could change.

Free to use. It allows testing in type in, multiple choice even true false formats . It seems pretty sweet.

I am going to put up the chinese vocab of my intermediate english class as I teach it. And perhaps of the business class.

I think it's versatilatity and the ability to use others sets of words makes it great.

Roddy or imron would you care to join me in putting up some high level vocab for those that want to be challenged?

Have fun,


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Hey Imron,

Using Random word post, that's a good idea. Hey Gato, I looked a little bit at that other one, but for some of the features you had to pay once off $20 Also I didn't see many accents on pinyin. I like accents.

Also you had to pay the money to pay for printable flash cards. This other site is free and is very customizable which like a lot.

I put up two lists of beginner words, Intros and Jobs. (They're for my translation company's internal training class. Which will soon become an external class.)

On the testing if you do writing you can click ignore the pinyin in the parantheses to get the computer to correct it properly.

It is just missing the fill in the blanks but it is still pretty cool I think.

Do you think there are copywright issues putting the vocab of certain books online?

Here are the links. Intro class vocabulary

Job class vocabulary

My company wants me to teach Organic-chemistry business english for secretary. I will continue to put up vocab should be interesting I think.

Have fun,


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Hi All,

It seems people have not been as interested in this as me but I want to post the lists of flash cards . The is even an Advanced Business Vocab List.

Perhaps even the lofty Roddy, Cato and Imron might have difficuly with it.

Other lists are about the English training classes I give the Chinese translators in my company.

4th Beginner Class Your City, Your home (Sunyu)

5th Beginner class Travel, holidays, things to pack (Sunyu)

6th Beginner class Food, fruit, vegetables other Part 1 (Sunyu)

7th Beginner class Activities, Sports, Games (Sunyu)

8th Beginner Chinse class Clothes, Fashion (Sunyu)

9th Beginner English-Chinese class Festivals and holidays New Year’s holiday (sunyu)

Beginner go up to 14 and I will put up some on intermediate business, and advanced business as I get the time.

There is also a large HSK set which is good.

Have fun,


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  • 8 years later...

I'm tried to create a set of Quizlet flascards for stroke order (for now only for HSK1, using wikimedia images, static and animated git, not usable for Android app).


Perhaps a better solution can be used, and other people will create flascards for further levels. 

Quizlet is easy-to-use and very effective.

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