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Trying to find a (historical?) name


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I'm trying to find some info on a few names, and my Chinese isn't good enough to read the webpages. Unfortunately, I can't find any English web pages.

Can anyone just give me a quick "writer/soldier/artist/official" and an approximate period he lived (if he is actually real)?

賈喜鸞 Jia Xiluan


賈雨村 Jia Yucun

I'd really appreciate any help possible. I know this is an annoying request (I have the same feeling when I get asked this about Japanese names) but my lack of Chinese ability (this does it, I'm going to start studying again!) is crimping my own search-fu.


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Oh, of course. It's been years (and years and years) since I read the book. I don't recall this name from the book, though -- was this another name of Cao-Cao's?

No, I'm not Japanese -- I'm a Japanese historian, though, and I spend a LOT of time on Japanese language fora online helping people with their J. language study.


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賈雨村 Jia Yucun is a fictional character in the 18th century novel 红楼梦/A Dream of Red Mansions. I think the name is supposed to be a homophone for 假语村/fiction in rustic language.

I don't remember a Jia Xiluan but the novel is about the Jia family and there are a lot of characters.

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Well, I tracked down Jia Xiluan. She's briefly mentioned a couple of times in Chapter 71, doesn't seem to be anywhere else in the book. According to Google, she does appear to feature in a sequel somebody else wrote. Jia Yucun is not in the same league when it comes to obscurity, but he certainly doesn't get much screentime compared to the main protaganists.

May I ask where you got these names from? I'm curious as to how the fame of Jia Xiluan reached your ears.

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