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Help needed - Translation


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Hello all

I am a Sport Science lecturer and I am going to Beijing on Wednesday to set up a student transfer scheme. As part of the trip I will be teaching 2 sessions to chinese students through a translater. I am in the process of putting my sessions together and thought that it would be nice to provide dual language slides.

I've found a website that will translate phrases and words but it's giving me several options for each word and I'm unsure which to pick?? i.e. for welcome it gives me the following

(形) 受欢迎的, 可喜的, 可任意的

(动) 欢迎, 接待

can I use the single character in brackets or simply choose one of the multiple ones? Any guidance would be much appreciated.

I'm also looking for someone with a good knowledge of mandarin to give my slides a once over to ensure that they are correct. There would be a good bottle of wine in it for anyone who could help ':O)

Many thanks


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The single characters in brackets say 'adjective' and 'verb', so don't pick those :-) I agree with trevelyan, it's a nice idea to provide Chinese on your slides, but better not do it unless you have a person who knows Chinese to verify the translations for you.

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Putting up togother the translations of single words does not make a goog translation of the sentence necesarily.

Translation is to be done sentence by sentence. Even so, sometimes you need the context or background to have a good one.

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