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Football vocab - 拖后中卫 or 拖中后卫?


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OK, this is probably the most important question that has ever been raised on this forum, as it deals with football (the game played with the round ball that is almost always kicked, as opposed to games played with an egg shaped ball that is usually not kicked...).

My teacher, who isn't a football fan, tells me that 'centre back' in Chinese is 中后卫 which makes a lot of sense. She says that a 'sweeper' is 拖后中卫, which surprises me. Is she right or is a sweeper actually 拖中后卫?

I'd appreciate some help with this, as it obviously is more important than life and death...

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Thanks Monto. Thanks too for 清道夫, my teacher told me it was 清道大 - I think she just wrote it wrong, and I didn't catch her mistake when we were talking, because she talked about street cleaners, and probably said 'fu' not 'da'.

Cool, now my life is complete.

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Your teacher is not a football fan and the fault lies squarely on your shoulders. Did you ecev explain to her how the game is played? Did you ever tell her that it is the world's most popular sport? I thought not. Shame on you Raoul. Your teacher will never know the joys of debating how Brazil threw away the game on purpose with Ronaldo missing an almost empty net goal from 3 feet. Oh, people like you!

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Expat, I can't dispute what you are saying, but the fact remains that she has a husband and a son, so ultimate responsibility must be theirs, surely? Actually, I blame the rise of interest in the stock market. Her husband, once upon a time watched football, now all he does is stare at the PC monitor all night...

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