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Problem with Windows 2000


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Yes, I'm still using windows 2000 and really should upgrade, but there we are....or rather, there I am with a problem.

Can anyone help?

I can type and read chinese characters ok, but in the text boxes, or rather on the edges any text boxes, the characters simply show as squares. I can't use zdt for the same reason...little squares. But if i type or receive any thing inside the text is fine.

I know i must have a setting wrong somewhere...but where? Any suggestions?

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I remember the install support function but I think that was on windows 98 was it?

But i guessed that you must be right and so looked for that function here....but couldn't find it. But what I did do was change the 'Your Locale' box from English UK to PRC. This some how did the trick. I have changed it back to English UK and still the characters are where I want them in the Text windows and else where. So thank you .....we got there some how.

Well, almost.......... the chinese characters are now supported every where but in a programme I use called ZDT flash cards.

Any ideas about that?

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It could just be Java not being happy. You may need to reinstall Java and specify that it should install International Support (as opposed to support for just English), though I would be a little surprised. And AppLocale is unlikely to help with ZDT as it is Java-based, and Java should be using UTF-16 (if it's not, then that's just a bit odd...)

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Hi..thanks guys, I really appreciate all the helpful suggestions.........

but still no success:cry:

I tried the applocate...and that didn't seem to like windows2000.

I tried re-installing Java....but still the same.

Every thing else is now working fine except zdt. It looks like a very good programme,,,,if only I could use it..:cry:

Any more suggestions?

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