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Nottingham University in China


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Hi folks, my first post here in the forum, correct me if a break any rules!

I am a finance student from Sweden attending my final year at the Uni. Since graduation is looming around the corner, I am on the look out for somewhere to continue my studies with a master in (not necesseraly) finance or economics. I have been studying mandarin at the Uni side by side with my ordinary subjects for 6 months now, and I can only say that my interest in China is growing for every class I go to. Unfortunately my chinese language abilites are limited and so I am not able to study in Chinese. Therefore I have looking for MA/MSc given in english in China. My plan is to study chinese side by side with my master studies.

I viewed another thread earlier about this subject and someone mentioned that Nottingham Uni had opened a branch in Ningbo China. I am sure there are a lot of opinions about this. Some think it is good, and other that it is bad because it does not promote cultural mixing. But I am really mostly interested in hearing (sorry, reading) what people who have studied there think? Are the students mainly from Europe (read UK)? For me it is unfortunately one of very few opportunites to study a master in China (due to my low mandarin level as well as my subject of choice), so I am glad to hear both positive and negative views about this/other similar schools!

Another interesting opportunity is the programs that Fudan University (in Shanghai I think, correct me if I'm wrong) offer in english: Chinese Economy, Chinese Society etc. But they started recently so there's not so much information.

Now I want some respones! Please :help

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